Beauty of Birds

Beauty of Birds – Top 17 Stunning Species Globally

The most Beauty of Birds in the world. In the natural world, there are many animals that find ways to camouflage or blend into their surroundings to avoid enemies. However, there are birds that do the opposite and choose to stand out above all else, many of them have very interesting displays, especially during the mating season. Let’s admire their beauty and humorous characteristics!

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Explore the Beauty of Birds

1. Bird of Paradise

Birds of paradise are found in New Guinea and surrounding islands. Two other bird species of the bird-of-paradise family named “manucodes” and “riflebirds” develop in Australia. The majority of birds of paradise live in tropical forests (including rainforests, swamps, and moss forests). Some species have been discovered living in coastal mangrove forests.

Beauty of Birds

Their brightly colored plumage is what makes birds of paradise a prime target for hunters, which has led to the extinction of several species in the bird-of-paradise family . Indigenous tribes in New Guinea often use bird-of- paradise feathers in costumes and rituals.

For centuries, the feathers of this bird have also been commonly used in Europe as jewelry for women. This massacred a large number of birds of paradise . At the same time, deforestation has destroyed the bird’s habitat, leading to this bird species being on the protected list of many countries.

Birds of paradise have a unique dance that enhances their unique appearance. This dance of male birds not only helps them attract the attention of female birds but also makes people nearby unable to take their eyes off this interesting bird.

Another thing is that male birds spend most of their lives attracting mates. Birds of paradise build their nests from soft materials, such as leaves, ferns, vines and vines. This bird has the habit of placing its nest in tree cavities.

The number of eggs laid by birds of paradise varies depending on the size of each species. Large species usually lay only one egg, but smaller species can lay 2 to 3 eggs per clutch. Eggs hatch after 16 to 22 days. Then, the chicks will leave the nest between 16 and 30 days old.

2. Golden Pheasant

Golden pheasants are famous for their brightly colored plumage. They have a beautiful yellow color tipped with red. Their underparts are bright red. The golden pheasant is yellow on the top of its head and its back is green. they also have dark colors, red shoulder feathers and a long light brown tail.


Female golden pheasants are more colorful than males. Their tail feathers also have prominent black spots. Unlike male golden pheasants , females have pale mottled brown plumage.

Golden pheasants live in dense forests and woodlands throughout China. Male golden pheasants are longer than females. Adult male golden pheasants are usually up to 127 cm in length. Interestingly, the tails make up 2/3 of the total body length.

The characteristic of Golden Pheasants is that they rarely fly and spend most of their time on the ground. They mainly eat fruits, seeds and insects.

3. Flamingo

Beauty of Birds

Flamingos are perhaps the most recognizable birds in the world. Their beautiful red-purple appearance from their colored plumage makes them exceptional among birds. There are 6 different species of Flamingos in the world. They live on every continent except Antarctica.

Adult Flamingos will grow 1.3 m to 1.5 m and weigh up to 3.6 kg. Their neck is very long and a thick beak curves downward. The flamingo ‘s legs are also very long, 70 to 120 cm. The long legs and bill are especially adapted for catching small fish, larvae and Plankton from the mud.

Flamingos live in large flocks consisting of thousands of members. They stand out in red and purple due to food. Their food mainly consists of brine shrimp, plankton and blue-green algae. Flamingos also spend hours on their feathers from special plumage-using glands that help keep the plumage in good condition.
No list of the most beautiful birds would be complete without flamingos. This strange pink bird is found in the Southern and Western Hemispheres. They are very good at balance. They can stand on one leg for hours in one spot.

4. Blue Jay Bird

The blue jay crow is one of the most intelligent and Beauty of Birds in the world. They are found throughout the forests of Eastern and Western North America. The blue jay crow is beautiful with its blue, white and black plumage. This songbird’s distinguishing feature is the noisy ‘Blue Jay’ call.

Beauty of Birds

They can also imitate the songs of other species of birds. Besides their striking appearance, Blue Jays are famous for their intelligence. They can steal chicks and eggs from other birds. Blue jays also imitate hawks’ songs to fool other birds.

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They imitate the sounds of hawks occasionally to fool other birds. Blue jays in captivity can also imitate human voices and the voices of other pets. Blue jays are birds that live in small flocks. But when they migrate in the winter to the South, they form large flocks of up to hundreds of Blue Jays.

Their movement behavior remains a mystery among scientists. Not all blue jays move during the winter, some of them remain in their natural range. Additionally, blue jays migrate each year.

5. Keel-billed toucan

The Boat-billed Toucan is one of the birds with surprising pecks in the world. They have a large, colorful beak up to 20cm long. They are also known as rainbow-billed toucans due to their colorful beaks. Their beaks are a mixture of green, red and yellow.

Beauty of Birds

Although they look heavy, their beaks are hollow and light. It is formed from a protein called keratin. They use their large, colorful beaks to attract females during the breeding season and as a defensive weapon. The boat-billed toucans live in the forests of Central and South America. They are 20cm long and weigh up to 4kg. Their plumage is mainly black with a yellow throat and chest. Due to their heavy wings, they can only move between tree branches by jumping.

They are very social birds. A small flock of about 30 birds. They live in natural tree cavities or cavities created by woodpeckers. Their diet mainly consists of insects, lizards and eggs.

The most prominent feature of this bird is its large, colorful beak up to 20cm long. Their beaks are a mixture of green, red and yellow. They use their large and colorful beaks to attract females during the breeding season as well as as a defensive weapon against predators.

6. Salutation Fire (Salutation Cardinal Cardinal)

Surely you know why people call this bird the Cardinal ? The bird has bright red wings and a red hat on its head. Its body is also small, about 21-23cm long. They have masks worn in front of their faces, the male bird has a black mask, the female bird has a gray mask.

Beauty of Birds

Cardinal birds range from southern Canada, across the eastern United States from Maine to Texas and south to Mexico. In Vietnam, this gorgeous bird is often sought after by many people as Tet gifts because its bright red plumage symbolizes good luck in the new year.

Cardinal birds live in forests, flower gardens, shrubs, and swamps. The cardinal bird ‘s food is seeds, fruits and insects.

7. Peacock (Pavo)

Peacock is actually the name of the male bird of the peacock family. There are 3 types of peacocks in the world – Indian, Congolese and Javanese. The Indian peacock is the most common species found in the world. Peacocks (male birds) are famous for their colorful displays with iridescent tail feathers.

Beauty of Birds

Peacocks can be up to 1.5m in length, making them one of the largest flying birds in the world. In fact, a peacock’s tail accounts for 60% of its total length. The unique color of the peacock ‘s tail feathers is perhaps the most beautiful courtship display of any other bird in the world.

During courtship, the peacock spreads its large tail with its feathers revealing colorful tails and eye spots. Some peacocks have a longer tail and more eye spots than others. The female peacock chooses a peacock with a longer tail and more eye spots. Depending on the angle of reflection of light, the color of the tail feathers from peacocks varies.

Peacocks are definitely one of the species with the most brilliant plumage that “mother” nature bestows. They belong to the pheasant family and are known primarily for their remarkable tail feathers that when spread out look like thousands of wide-open eyes.

8. Red macaw (pink parrot)

The scarlet macaw is one of the most beautiful and largest birds of the parrot family. They live in moist green forests throughout Central and South America. The colorful plumage makes the red macaw very special. They have bright red fur with blue undertones. Their wings are yellow and their tongues are green.

Beauty of Birds

The strong curved bill of scarlet macaws is a notable feature of scarlet macaws. Their upper part is white and the tip is black. An adult scarlet macaw is 80-90 cm long and weighs up to 1.5 kg. They are amazing birds and can reach speeds of 35 mph.

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Red-tailed macaws also live for a long time. They have a lifespan of 40-50 years. They are said to be good captive parrots that can live up to 75 years. Red-tailed macaws are also one of the most intelligent birds in the world. In captivity, they will easily learn words, sounds and tricks.

They are said to be well-trained parrots that can even distinguish colors and shapes. Red-tailed macaws are very large parrots. They imitate different types of voices hissing and squawking. Their main food is seeds, fruits and insects. With their strong, curved beaks, Macaws can easily crack any type of nut.

9. Bohemian Waxwing

Beauty of Birds

Goldfinches (also known as Bohemian Waxwings) live in the northern forests of North America and Eurasia, mostly in Canada and Alaska. The Bohemian Waxwing is one of the most Beauty of Birds finches in the world. They can sing, are medium sized, have a distinctive crested head and a black mask. They are grayish brown overall and have white and yellow edges. In winter, they move in large flocks to the Northwest region of the United States. They make nests on tree branches. Both males and females are known for their high-pitched calls. They mainly eat insects and berries.

This bird is not as colorful as other birds. But their seductive elegance is also what makes them stand out. They have shiny purple-brown fur, are medium in size, with a crest and a distinctive black mask.

10. Hummingbird

Beauty of Birds

This beautiful little bird is the Anna hummingbird . It is no larger than a ping pong ball. It is quite common on the West Coast of the United States. This species is named after the Duchess of Rivoli – Anna Massena – the wife of a famous bird collector in the 19th century. A French naturalist – Rene Primevere Lesson named the bird that way in her honor. .

Hummingbirds (also known as bee birds) are a family of small birds that live in North America and are very small in size (maximum 15cm). They have colorful iridescent feathers and most especially beautiful long tail feathers, very similar to the Bird of Paradise. When flying, they can stand still in one place with a wing beating frequency of up to 70 times/second. Hummingbirds usually fly at a speed of approximately 50 km/h and are also the only bird on the planet capable of flying backward. Their food is mainly nectar.

 are so beautiful and adorable, but they are standing on the edge of extinction because humans are changing their habitat.

11. Lovebird

Beauty of Birds

Lovebirds are actually just a migratory bird, belonging to the mallard family. They are always in pairs and that image is compared to happy couples. The male bird is more beautiful than the female bird, its plumage is multicolored, changing from one color to another very harmoniously, and its eyes are red. The female is not as colorful as the male, with a white ring around her eyes and neck.

Mandarin ducks are closely related to Carolina ducks in North America. Not only are they famous for their beauty of birds, but they are also an exemplary example of fidelity in the animals world.

The male (also known as the male) has colorful plumage that is difficult to mistake. It has a red bill, large white crescent-shaped feathers above its eyes, and a red face and “whiskers”. The female (also called the female) looks similar to the female of the Carolina duck, with a white ring around the eye and a stripe running back from the eye, but fading, it has small white stripes on the side and tip of the bill. paler.

12. Ramphastos sulfuratus bird


The Ramphastos sulfuratus bird is one of the most extraordinary birds in the family of birds. They have very large, colorful beaks, reaching lengths of up to 20 cm. Their beaks are a variety of green, red and yellow. They use this large, colorful beak to attract females during the breeding season and as a defensive weapon.

The Ramphastos sulfuratus bird
 lives in forests throughout Central and South America. They are usually 20 cm long and weigh up to 4 kg. Their plumage is mainly black with a yellow throat and chest. The Ramphastos sulfuratus bird can only move between tree branches by jumping.

Ramphastos sulfuratus birds
 are very social birds. They often form small flocks containing up to 30 members. They live in one of two natural holes or holes that woodpeckers make in tree trunks. The Ramphastos sulfuratus bird’s food is mainly insects, lizards and eggs.

13. The Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic puffin is a small, well-adapted seabird found on the coasts of the Northern United States and Eastern Canada. The Atlantic puffin is also known as the ‘sea parrot’ because of its many colors. Atlantic puffins spend most of their lives at sea.


Their water-resistant feathers keep their bodies warm while swimming. They flap their wings to swim on and under water. Atlantic puffins also have excellent diving abilities. They can dive up to 60 m. They often hunt sand eels, roe fish and Hake fish. Atlantic puffins also have excellent downward flight speeds. They can reach speeds of 55 miles per hour, flapping their wings up to 400 times per minute.

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Atlantic puffins raise their chicks during the summer and spring on the islands of the North Atlantic. They build nests of feathers and grass in caves and on cliffs. The female only lays 1 egg and it takes 45 days to hatch. After hatching.

Adult Atlantic puffins leave the nest to search for food for their chicks. they bring small fish to the young birds. Atlantic puffins can carry 10-30 fish in their giant beaks.

14. The Quetzal (The Quetzal)

Found in natural habitats in Central America. Not only does it impress with its feathers, but it is also an omnivorous bird. They eat everything from lizards, insects, small creatures, and even fruit.


Seo-tails are among the most beautiful birds in the world. These colorful birds live in the mountains and tropical forests of Central America. Their main food is fruits, insects, lizards and other small creatures.

The seo bird was considered sacred to the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, and the aristocracy and clergy often wore the seo bird’s feathers on their bodies during major ceremonies.

15. Purple Parakeets

The purple-blue macaw has a body covered with pure blue feathers, is not afraid of people, is straightforward and extremely intelligent. This parrot is always the center of attention! They are praised as brilliant, lively parrots and extremely friendly with their flock mates. They can live up to 50 years old. There are couples in whatever they like to do and are very loyal.


Blue-purple macaws are naturally very gentle and rarely get agitated. They are quite curious and not afraid of strange things although this habit can get them into trouble. These characteristics make people love to keep them as pets.

At an impressive length of 100 cm, the Blue Macaw is the largest of all parrot species in the world. They mainly inhabit the semi- and savannah grassland areas of Northern Brazil. The species has declined sharply over the past few years, with fewer than 5,000 Blue Macaws left in the world. Habitat loss and hunting are the main threats causing parrot population decline. Besides its large size, the blue-purple macaw is famous for its impressive blue feathers and bright yellow ring around its eyes. Because of this beautiful color, the purple-blue macaw is also called the ‘blue macaw.

Blue macaws can be wonderful pets with proper training. You should also give them plenty of space to make them feel comfortable. They are playful and not as good at imitating words as some other types of parrots. You should be careful with Purple Macaws . It cannot be guaranteed that they will not bite you even with your care and training.

16. Swallowing the queen


Resplendent quetzal, national bird of Guatemala. This bird lives in humid tropical forests. The color of the queen’s feathers is naturally combined and is extremely striking. Therefore, their camouflage ability is somewhat modest.

When mature, the queen drupe possesses outstanding tail feathers that are 90cm long. It is a weapon that helps them flirt with their mates. The queen drupe is a rare bird that plays an important role to the people of Central America because it symbolizes freedom. 

This bird species is included in the list of endangered animals in the Red Book.With its vibrant colors, the queen’s plumage forms a green body (displaying a greenish-yellow to purple-blue iridescence). Depending on the light, the queen’s feathers can shine in a spectrum of colors: green, cobalt, lime, yellow, to blue-violet. Although we can see that the main color tone of the queen booby is green, they are actually brown due to the pigment melanin.

17. Sea parrot

Beauty of Birds

Sea parrots are small, well-adapted birds found on the northern coast of the United States and Eastern Canada. They are also known as sea parrots because of their large, colorful beaks and penguin-like colors. They spend most of their lives at sea. Water-resistant fur keeps their bodies warm while swimming. They flap their wings to swim and dive.

Sea parrots also have excellent diving abilities. They can dive up to 60m deep. They often hunt small eels, small-scaled tilapia and meluc fish. They can reach speeds of 55 miles per hour and flap their wings 400 times a minute.

Sea parrots breed every summer and spring in the North Atlantic Ocean. They build nests of feathers and grass in caves on cliffs. The female only lays 1 egg and takes 45 hours to incubate. After hatching, adult sea parrots leave the nest to find food for their young. They bring home small fish for their children. They can carry 10-30 fish in their giant beak.

There are about 10,000 bird species in the world, each unique in its own way. Hopefully we will have more measures to protect these beautiful, rare birds when they are on the brink of extinction!


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