Heaviest Animals in the World

Top 12 Heaviest Animals in the World: Unveiling Earth’s Giants

The biological world is always colorful and diverse. Are you a nature and animal lover and want to learn about animal life? If so, you cannot ignore this article. Gloloy will bring you interesting things, which are the animals with the “heaviest” weight in the world.

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Top 12 Heaviest Animals in the World

12. Kodiak Bear

The Kodiak bear is ranked 10th on the list. This is an animal that lives on Kodiak Island, an archipelago in Alaska. A male Kodiak bear has an average height of up to 3 meters and weighs about 680 to 816 kg. Compared to males, female Kodiak bears are usually about 20 – 30% smaller.

Kodiak bears are much heavier than other species in the same bear family due to the diversity in food consumption of this animal. To “hibernate” in the spring, they will eat leaves, causing their body weight to increase by about 50 kg. % at this time. Being isolated alone on this island makes them unable to hunt other animals and unable to help their friends of different species.

heaviest animal in the world
Kodiak bears can weigh up to 680kg - 816kg
heaviest animal in the world
Kodiak Bear

11. Crocodile 

heaviest animal in the world
Crocodiles can weigh up to 1,043kg

“Ugly” fish are also listed on this list. Crocodiles are known to be the largest reptiles in the world. You can find them in tropical regions. This is also one of the most dangerous animals. An average crocodile is 1.8 meters to 7.62 meters tall and weighs up to 1,043 kg.
Even without eating anything for a whole month, crocodiles can still live, they will use body fat to create energy. Pigs, reptiles, birds, turtles, and fish are the common prey of this animal. With their cunning little eyes, they have the ability to detect even the slightest movement in the water, so their prey rarely escapes them. Crocodiles can tear apart their prey with their powerful teeth.

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10. Asian gaur 

Ranked at number 8 is the Asian gaur . They are considered the largest wild animals originating from South Asia. With a body height of up to 3.5 meters and a weight of up to 1,134 kg, the Asian gaur is on the list of the “heaviest” animals in the world.

heaviest animal in the world
Asian gaur weighs up to 1,134kg

Compared to females, males have a large head and horns, 30% larger in size. Fruits and grass are the main food sources of this animal. Lush green places, forests with many plants as well as abundant water sources are often where Asian gaurs live. These animals spend a lot of time eating and if they cannot find food, they can starve.

9. Giraffe

heaviest animal in the world
Giraffes can weigh up to 1,587kg

Behind hippos are giraffes. This is the tallest mammal in the world and you will be able to find it in South Africa. This animal can be more than 6m tall and has a “huge” weight of 1,270 to 1,587 kg.

Giraffes can eat leaves from the tops of trees and can also run at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour thanks to their tall, strong legs. They spend most of their time eating. What’s special is that giraffes possess a tongue up to 0.5 meters long, which helps them pick leaves into their mouths easily. Like cows, giraffes are ruminants. They are able to travel long distances to find food and can go without water when they eat leaves with high water content.

8. Hippo 

heaviest animal in the world
Hippos weigh up to 401kg and can eat 36kg of grass per day

The animal with weight ranked 6th is an animal originating from South Africa, which is the Hippopotamus . This is the third largest terrestrial mammal on Earth. Hippos weigh 401 kg, and they spend most of their time in water so they can cool their heavy bodies.

Hippos can eat 36 kg of grass per day, especially at night. Hippos can travel up to 6 miles in search of food large enough for their body. Hippos are able to consume large amounts of grass and fallen fruit, thanks to the special structure of their teeth.

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7. White rhinoceros 

heaviest animal in the world
Even though the body is as heavy as the White Rhino, it still lives in herds

Number 5 on this list is an animal native to northeastern and southern Africa. White rhinos or square-lipped rhinos tend to live in herds of 1 to 7 animals, no matter how heavy their bodies are. A male white rhino can weigh 2,300 kg, a female 1,700 kg.
The white rhinoceros has two horns on its snout made of keratin fibers. This animal also has a pronounced hump on the back of its neck to support its large head. Each rhinoceros toe has 3 toes. They are also known as square-lipped rhinoceros because their lips protrude to help them eat short grass in savanna areas. White rhinos can go 4 to 5 days looking for food without water.

6. African Elephant 

heaviest animal in the world
African elephants can weigh 6,350kg

Ranked third is the African elephant . You may not know, African elephants are the heaviest land animals in the world, their body weight can be up to 6,350 kg.

African elephants have larger ears and tusks than other elephants. For the purpose of cooling their bodies, they spend a lot of time soaking in lakes, using their trunks to spray water onto their bodies. This animal uses its tusks to find food. Grass, tree roots, and fruits are their main food. One day, this animal usually “consumes” an amount of food weighing about 136 kg. They can travel far to find lots of food.

5. Whale Sharks

heaviest animal in the world
Whale sharks weigh up to 18,143kg

Ranked in second place is the whale shark . They have the “huge” weight, only after blue whales. This is one of the largest fish species in the sea with a body length of up to 12 meters and a weight of up to 18,143 kg.

Warm and tropical seas are where this animal resides. Large amounts of food are easily consumed by whale sharks at a time thanks to their strong jaws. Whale sharks often eat crabs, small vertebrates and crustaceans which are the main food of whale sharks. This fish can migrate to find new food sources.

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4. Blue whale 

heaviest animal in the world
The blue whale is the heaviest animal in the world

Ranked first in terms of mass is the largest animal that has ever existed on EarthBlue whales are ranked among the animals with the “heaviest” weight in the world, not to mention being at the top. This animal can be up to 30 meters long and weigh up to 200 tons.

We can find blue whales in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Just mentioning the tongue of this whale species has the weight of an elephant. The weight is really “huge”, isn’t it? This animal also has the ability to hear sound waves emitted over a distance of 1000 miles, making it the heaviest animal in the world.

3. Gray whale 

heaviest animal in the world
Gray whales weigh up to 1,950kg

Gray whales belong to the baleen whale family, they use baleen plates to filter food from the water instead of using teeth. They are about 15m long, weigh about 1,950kg and were previously known as a devil’s fish because of their quite aggressive behavior when hunted.

Gray whales live about 50 to 70 years, moving annually between foraging areas and breeding sites. Of the two known populations in the Pacific, this whale species is critically endangered. A gray whale was discovered in Israel in 2010, leading some scientists to hypothesize that the species may be repopulating ancient breeding grounds. Another gray whale was discovered off the coast of Namibia in 2013 while the first was in the Southern Hemisphere.

2. Sei whale 

heaviest animal in the world
Sei whale weighs up to 22.5 tons

The Sei whale is a member of the largest group of baleen whales – the gray whale. With a length of about 19.5m and a weight of up to 22.5 tons, they can digest up to 2,000 90kg of food a day.

Sei whales are the fastest of the whales (whales, dolphins and porpoises) as they can reach speeds of 27 knots. In 2008, the number of Sei whales recorded reached 80,000, nearly a third of the previous number of whales. They are currently protected according to international standards to prevent illegal hunting.

1. Spermaceti 

heaviest animal in the world
Sperm whales weigh up to 31.25 tons

The sperm whale is a toothed whale and is also the largest predator. An adult is usually 16m – 20m long with a head one-third the size of the body. The sperm whale weighs about 31.25 tons. It can swim down to 3000 m to hunt, making it the deepest diving mammal.
Sperm whales
 have the loudest call with a frequency of nearly 230 decibels. In particular, it is possible to live more than 60 years with a brain larger than any animal and 5 times heavier than a human. Sperm whales are widely distributed and are protected by a whaling ban because of their extreme vulnerability.Spermaceti

It is true that animals possess a huge amount of weight in the world. With this article, Gloloy hopes to bring useful knowledge, adding to your knowledge base about the animal world.


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