Discover Australia’s Breathtaking Beauty

Australia is not only famous for iconic architecture such as the Opera House or Sydney Harbor Bridge, but also many stunning landscapes. Therefore, for a long time, traveling to Australia has always been the top destination that tourists around the world choose to explore when thinking about Australia.

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1. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera is located on an area of ​​1.8 hectares, 183m long and 120m wide with a roof covered with 1056 million tiles made in Sweden with the central highlight being the most famous opera house in the world. This beautiful Sydney scene is not simply a special theater, Sydney Opera is also an ideal location for weddings, conferences, events… This place is a complex including 5 theater areas, 6 bars. bars, 5 studios, 4 restaurants and souvenir shops. Every year, the Sydney Opera has millions of visitors, countless musicians, artists, and photographers choose to compose and create albums…

Mentioning the beauty of Australia would be remiss if Toidi missed the Sydney Opera House. Do you know? Sydney Opera is located on the famous Sydney Harbor and represents the sophisticated architecture of the “kangaroo” country. This is a project created by the talented mind and hands of architect Jorn Utzon  Danish. The theater is designed in the shape of a clam, or more accurately, wind-filled sails stretching out to the sea. And some people believe that this is the beginning symbol of a strongly developed, civilized and modern country in Australia.

2. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

The next beautiful Australian scene that you must visit is the Great Barrier Reef Marine. This is a large multi-functional marine park that supports many purposes such as marine tourism, commerce, fishing, entertainment, research… Great Barrier Reef Marine has many coral reefs considered the most beautiful in the world. with more than 3,000 coral reefs and bays scattered across islands along the Queensland coast. 

With such a large number of corals, this place represents 10% of all coral reef areas in the world. In addition, this is also home to thousands of colorful tropical fish species. Coral reef marine life can include dolphins, sea turtles, bony fish, rays, marine mammals, algae and molluscs. Biodiversity and the connection between species create habitats with the most diverse, rich and complex natural ecosystems in the world.

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Great Barrier Reef Marine is a beautiful Australian landscape and is among the seven natural wonders of the world. Coming here, to see the coral reefs, Toidi advises you to travel by boat, if you are more courageous, try snorkeling or go by a small plane! It will definitely increase your trip experience! However, if you are a tourist who does not like adventure but wants to immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea, Todi recommends that you go to observation stations to be able to see them.

3. Blue Mountains National Park, Beautiful Australian Landscape

Blue Mountains is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO. This national park is a beautiful Australian landscape located about 81 km west of Sydney and is a suitable day trip for visitors. The Blue Mountains are named after the blue clouds created from the vast branches of eucalyptus trees. This national park protects more than 664,000 acres of wilderness and features dramatic mountain ranges, waterfalls and Aboriginal rock paintings and more than 140km of walking trails. There are 6 areas in the Blue Mountains National Park including: Katoomba area, Backheath Area, Glenbrook, Lower Grose Valley, Mount Wilson, Southern Blue Mountains.

Blue Mountains National Park is famous for its three towering sandstone formations, often referred to as the “Three Sisters”. In addition, the world’s steepest scenic Katoomba railway is also a great choice for beautiful Australian scenery, taking passengers down the Jamison valley through a tunnel into an ancient tropical forest or a highway or scenic cable car. and scenic roads all have ideal, poetic and airy views. When visiting the beautiful Australian landscape at this park, you can choose from hiking, climbing, mountain biking or horseback riding as the most interesting things.

Blue Mountains National Park is considered one of the world’s heritage sites with pristine tropical forests, steep cliffs, freshwater streams, waterfalls and glimpses of undulating forests. Integrating into the local space is something that Toidi always focuses on in all his trips. And this is also where there are small villages with their own charming traditions next to the mountains. You will feel a peaceful atmosphere from the mountain plateau and in the tropical forest while walking along one of the beautiful roads.

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4. Beautiful scenery of Uluru National Park – Kata Tjuta, Australia

Talking about the beauty of Australia also means mentioning the beauty of the terrain and tropical landscapes. And to explore the beauty of those landscapes, you cannot help but go to Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park. Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park is located in the Northern Territory 1431km from Darwin and 440km southwest of Alice Springs Stuart. It is known that this national park is located in the Red Center Desert, a sacred place for aboriginal people and a place where a rich culture has been formed for more than 50,000 years.

The beautiful scenery of Australia in this national park is famous for the two rocky mountains Uluru and Kata Tjuta, natural symbols of Australia. Coming to this land, do not hesitate to learn about their culture. Toidi learned that this place has a lot of cultural significance about the two rocky mountains and the indigenous people believe that the gods who transformed into Uluru are the reincarnation of the turtle god. From a distance, the appearance of the giant rock Uluru appears as a round and smooth mass, without any vegetation.

The beautiful Australian landscape at Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park also has a rotation of colors from morning to night. After learning about the reason, Toidi learned that the change was related to the characteristics of the rocky mountain. Uluru is actually a block of quartz, hard rocks that are tightly interconnected. 

The surface of the stone layer is covered with iron oxygen, so under sunlight, it will continuously change color. Following the journey of this rotation, you will see the entire rock block turn light red in the early morning to a brilliant noon with a different color and in the afternoon when the sun is about to set, it will appear crimson or purple again. Perhaps that is why tourists and residents who come here often call this beautiful Australian landscape “the five unique colors of rocks”.

5. Whitehaven and Whitsundays Beach

Not only stopping at the above destinations, Australia’s beautiful scenery is also endless beaches. And more specifically, Whitehaven and Whitsundays beaches. Whitehaven Beach is the largest of the 74 islands stretching along Whitsunday Island that will bring great relaxation to you. The sand here is 98% silica which means it is extremely fine and soft like baby powder. Due to the properties of silica, the sand here does not retain heat and becomes more wonderful than ever. Even if you choose to walk barefoot, on hot days you will not have to burn your feet.

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Don’t be skeptical about this beach! Coming here, you will be completely overwhelmed by the beautiful space. The beach here has turquoise water that will definitely make you excited and want to calm down immediately. White silica sand is an ideal beach for visitors to sunbathe, relax and immerse themselves in the natural space. A beautiful Australian landscape, Whitehaven Beach has much more waiting for you to explore such as swimming, diving, sunbathing or hiking through the forest to see the immense beauty of the ocean. Don’t miss a trip to the viewpoint on Hill Inlet north of Whitehaven to see the swirl of white sand and turquoise water blend together to create an impressive blend of colors!

6. Lake Hiller (Western Australia)

Lake Hiller is one of the beautiful landscapes in Australia that many tourists know and visit. This unique location is located on the Middle Peninsula off the coast of Esperance. Looking at the panoramic view of Toidi Lake, I believe you will be extremely impressed with the eye-catching pink color that attracts all eyes. 

This lake is considered a special place in the world that possesses a natural pink color. Up to now, no one has been able to explain for sure exactly why the lake has such a color. Some scientists believe that it is the presence of carotenoid-rich seaweed, but others also believe that it is the presence of microorganisms and bacteria growing in the salt layer that forms on the surface of the lake. But no matter what the explanation, Lake Hille is still the most wonderful Australian landscape in the eyes of tourists.

7. Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is an area with beautiful fishing villages surrounded by green hills and vast ocean. This is the ideal destination for any summer trip. Here, you can enjoy a delicious lunch, take a walk to see the picturesque coastline and enjoy a delicious lunch.

8. Grampians nationnal park

Grampians is famous for its large and rugged sandstone mountains running from North to South, the eastern slope is quite steep and rugged, the western slope is gentle. This is the result of the lifting movement of the earth’s crust and the tilting of hard sandstone plates. These mountains create impressive waterfalls and beautiful scenery for the entire national park.


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