the strangest natural wonders in the world

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The world we live in is a very interesting place. Each landscape on this Earth has its own unique features. Some places are not only unique but also have strange beauty to the human mind. The vast earth has many mysterious lands that humans do not know and have not yet set foot on. What do you think about one day walking on 7-color sand deserts or in Superman’s fortress like in the movies? You might think those places don’t even exist on Earth. Let’s explore the the strangest natural wonders in the world places through the article below!

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14 The Strangest Natural Wonders in the World

1. Osoyoos Lake, Canada

Osoyoos Lake

The magical world always knows how to surprise us with many things that are difficult to explain, typically unique and strange lakes will still be a topic that baffles scientists and stimulates a passion for adventure. discoveries of traveling enthusiasts. 

Canada with yellow maple leaves has many famous tourist destinations such as Lake Louise or the glacier of the Jungfrau mountain range. There is an extremely strange and interesting destination: Osoyoos Lake with the shape of a giant drop of water. This is one of the most unique and the strangest natural wonders in the world.

Osoyoos Lake

When looking at photos of Osoyoos Lake, many people will think this is a scene from another planet because of its strangeness and uniqueness. If you have the opportunity to come to Canada, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most famous lakes in the world, Osoyoos Lake, near British Columbia. In addition to the name Osoyoos, this lake is also referred to by tourists as “spotted lake” or “water drop lake”. It is made up of many small pools, which is why it has such interesting and strange names. 

Every year, millions of tourists flock here to admire this beautiful landscape. Local people say the lake water can also be used to treat diseases because it contains a lot of minerals.

2. The Seven Coloured Earths, Mauritius

Do you think that different colorful lands only exist in art paintings? So please visit the strip of land called Seven Colored Earth once. Brown, red, purple, green, blue, purple, yellow are the colors of this land. The Seven Colored Earth strip of land has an area of ​​about 7,500 m2 including strips of land with different colors, located near the village of Chamarel, island nation of Mauritius. With this strange beauty, this place has become one of the world’s famous tourist destinations. 

the strangest natural wonders in the world

According to research by scientists, the colors of the lands in Seven Colored Earth are formed from the decomposition of volcanic rocks. Over time, they erode into grooves, then hydrolyze and turn into ferralitic soil. However, there is one puzzling thing that geologists cannot explain: no matter how much rain or wind, this place does not lose color. What’s even more special is that even if you intentionally mix up the sand here, they will rearrange their color order.

The Seven Coloured Earths

When the sunlight shines, you can enjoy the surreal, magical beauty of nature. The unique beauty of the 7-color land range is like a musical harmony full of unforgettable melodies in the hearts of those who have once seen it. According to some scientific research, this magical land range was formed from volcanic magma. However, there is still no explanation for the longevity of soil color. Over many centuries, the shimmering beauty and colors of this place are still preserved and become more and more magical. Local people worship this beautiful land very much.

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They even believed that this place was a legendary fairyland. When people discovered this magical land, they were very happy and proud. Since 1960, Mauritus has turned this place into a tourist attraction. People come from all over the world just to see this unbelievable beauty with their own eyes.

3. Crystal cave, Mexico

The country of Mexico is proud of its famous beautiful landscapes such as the Canyon River, Copper Canyon, Baja California underwater caves… Not only that, Mexico is also known for Naica, the world’s largest crystal cave located next to the mine complex in Chihuahua city. The Naica mine was accidentally discovered in 2000 by a pair of miners, Eloy and Javier Delgado. Other caves are also found in the surrounding area such as the Ice Palace, Cave of Swords, Queen’s Eye and Candles. In a specific temperature and humidity environment, underground minerals here turn into sparkling crystals.

the strangest natural wonders in the world

This incident was considered a major discovery at that time in Chihuahua, Mexico. Naica became the cave containing the largest number of natural crystals ever found in the world. At a depth of 300m below ground, Naica Cave is an incredible natural wonder, of special scientific value. The water level inside the cave is high, helping to protect the crystals from atmospheric damage. 

This giant cave is not only impressive with its giant CaSo4 columns, but it is also very dangerous for those who want to see or research, because the temperature often reaches over 50 degrees Celsius and humidity ranges from 90 – 100 %. These conditions of the cave make the research process for scientists very difficult.

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4. Ice waves, Antarctica

the strangest natural wonders in the world

During the summer months when the temperature drops in Antarctica, many ice blocks melt and in the process some trapped air bubbles and compressed snow and ice rush upward and escape, forming a layer of white ice like corrugated foam on the outside. The reason the inside of these ice floes is blue is because when light passes through a thick layer of ice, only red light is absorbed and blue light is not, so it reflects back to the human eye as blue like sea water.

Ice waves

Beautiful photos capturing frozen waves over 15 meters high in Antarctica make anyone wonder if the tsunami was frozen by the cold air here. However, according to some discussions and debates of the world community, the above phenomenon is due to the reaction of blue ice in this area. These frozen blue “waves” are thought to be formed by compressed snow and ice and trapped air bubbles that have forced their way upward as they melt in the summer, forming a foamy white layer of ice. waves on the outside.

5. Castles in Disney animated movies, Germany


Walt Disney ‘s famous animated films have long become indispensable spiritual food for everyone. For passionate fans of this animation studio, besides colorful fairy tales, beautiful princesses, talented princes, lovely and kind characters… The famous and extremely mysterious architectural work in the film must have left many indelible impressions. And an extremely surprising secret revealed right here is that these works are all 100% inspired by real-life versions.


Do you see that the castle in the picture resembles the castles in Disney movies ? In fact, it was the inspiration for Disney artists to draw the castles in the movie. This castle is called Neuschwanstein Castle, located in the village of Schwangau near Fussen in southern Germany. This castle was built by King Ludwig II in 1886. This castle is the most famous of the castles that King Ludwig II built and is also one of Germany’s most famous tourist destinations. This castle is also called “The castle in fairy tales” by travel businesses. It is the model for designers to build the “sleeping princess castle” in Walt Disney Park.

6. Lake Natron: Unveiling the Mystique of One of the The Strangest Natural Wonders in the World

the strangest natural wonders in the world

When it comes to traveling to Africa, the name that is mentioned most often is still Tanzania. As a country located in East Africa, Tanzania possesses 3 majestic high volcanoes, fertile plateaus, forests and extremely rich wildlife. Not only does it have a unique and beautiful natural landscape, Tanzania is also famous for the death lake Natron that terrifies all animals. Natron is no different from a death lake on earth when creatures that set foot here are turned to stone in an extremely mysterious way. The cause of this rare phenomenon is that the alkalinity concentration in the lake is so high that it causes unlucky animals to stumble and fall into the lake to decompose and calcify. 

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When the lake water level lowered, the bodies of unfortunate animals drifted to shore, covered with a thick layer of salt. Lake Natron has a large and bright lake surface like a mirror, so it is not difficult to imagine why these unfortunate animals slipped and fell into the lake.

Lake Natron

The origin of the phenomenon of Lake Natron containing excessively high alkalinity is due to the one million year old volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai in the south of Lake Natron. Lava from this majestic volcano flows down carrying a special amount of mineral salts that are different from the salts found in regular seawater. Since then, this amount of mineral salts has remained in the lake, accumulating over the years, causing the lake to become more and more alkaline. 

The carcasses of animals that fell into the lake are so well preserved that their living forms are still preserved, encased in thick layers of salt cement. All living creatures, once submerged in the lake, will decompose in a very short time, so their corpses still retain the same shape as when they were alive. These “limestone statues” are perfectly preserved down to every detail. If you scratch the beak of a bat many months after falling into Lake Natron, you can still see the bat’s small tongue still intact. and each hair is still clearly visible on the body.

7. Eternal whirlpool, Scotland

Eternal whirlpool

Do you think that whirlpools can only appear for short periods of time and on a small scale? Then the eternal whirlpool Maelstrom Corryvreckan off the coast of Scotland will change your mind. This whirlpool is created by a number of geological factors. The whirlpool can reach a depth of several hundred meters and easily drag everything that comes here into the ocean. Scientists once tried throwing a doll here, and it was immediately submerged to a depth of nearly 200m.

Eternal whirlpool

Maelstrom Corryvreckan, a powerful permanent whirlpool off the coast of Scotland. This whirlpool is created by a number of geological factors. The whirlpool can reach a depth of several hundred meters and easily drag everything that comes here into the ocean. Just listening to it, you already feel extremely mysterious, right? If you have the opportunity to come to this place, you must definitely learn more and admire this eternal water for once!

The world we live in is a very interesting place, isn’t it? Join us to explore the strangest natural wonders in the world through part 2 of this article!.


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